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Arrow Statement No. 80 / Soldiers, Trainers and Security Companies are Faces of Tyrannical Occupation

Statement No. 80 / Soldiers, Trainers and Security Companies are Faces of Tyrannical Occupation

Your Highness, Religious Authority, Al-Sayed Al- Hassani Al-Sarkhi (May Allah Preserve You)
Peace be upon you and the Mercy and Blessings of Allah:
Some people ask about the purpose of declaring, announcing, and mobilization for the issue of rejecting and terminating the occupation:
......... Why to consider it in the first place? As many claim, there is not any benefit from this stance because the occupation ends naturally and actually at the end of this year... that Iraq needs trainers in order to prepare the army and police properly to protect Iraq and preserve its security and the safety of its people .. that the matter of the trainers is an ordinary matter which happens in all countries that buy equipments and weapons form other countries like America and other countries. and the like of allegations and statements.
We ask you Highness to state the sound and correct stance with regard to what is happening in the Iraqi arena
May Allah reward you the best reward.

In His name, Supreme is He:
Wonder and all wonder! Not only because of the opportunists, profiteers and agents, but because of those who claim to have knowledge, understanding, patriotism, politic experience, objective analysis and broad, comprehensive awareness of society and the course of events. I do not know why all of those fall in the trap, no but the traps, of the forces of arrogance and tyrannical occupation and those who are associated with them of hireling persons, groups and media which are devoid of professionalism and the lowest levels of professional honor .. How can the oppressed Iraqi people be left in this great loss and the absolute cultural, intellectual darkness where the waves of seditions, deception, fraudulency, and duplicity take people to the right and left? Moreover, Iraqi people is now deceived and deluded with the most trivial and weakest matters until it became the clearest example of the Pharaonic mockery and the dark, ignorant, offensive, humiliating obedience. Where are you, the sages of people? Where are the judges and lawyers? Where are the university instructors and students? Where are the doctors and engineers? Where are the writers and intellectuals? Where are the journalists and teachers? Where are the patriotic people of politics and society? Where are the men of religion, the honest people of honor and sanctity? Where are the Iraqis? Where are the Iraqis? Where are the Iraqis??!! But we have always said, talked, called, asked, advised, directed and begged, but where is the respondent{7: 79. and said: O my people! I delivered my Lord's message unto you and gave you good advice, but ye love not good advisers}. To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return no might and no power except by Allah, the Supreme, the Great. But with all this ingratitude, reluctance, denial, not responding and not advising, I am obliged, with necessity, to talk and remind hoping that reminding may be useful; after all it is a discharge of duty to Allah, Supreme is He, and perchance they may fear Him. For this I will briefly mention in the following points several clear and evident queries and matters which normal human should not miss:
1- At the beginning, we have to remind ourselves and everyone else that reducing the number of the occupation forces is an urgent and inevitable desire the occupant is obliged to make after the continuous strikes from the national resistance which worked and is still working from Iraq, in Iraq, and for Iraq, and which has not been associated with any foreign project or benefits for the neighbor countries competing and fighting to rob, loot and destroy Iraq. [There are] also the strikes which they got from the forces which are associated with the projects and commands from the neighbor and other countries whose interests intersect and conflict with each others or with the American occupation and the most important in this matter is the mass, public rejection, intellectually and practically, which took away all the legitimacy of the occupation and its cooperators and followers. This rejection resulted from the efforts and sacrifices of the honorable, nationalistic, genuine chosen Iraqis who pulled away the carpet from under those who initiated, paved the way, supported and cooperated with the occupation in secret and in public. So, all theses, tricks and delusions of receiving the occupants with flowers and that they are forces for liberation, forces of coalition, forces of alliance, friendly forces, binding decrees to deliver the weapons to the occupants or keeping silent for all the crimes, enormities, oppression, ugliness, corruption committed by the occupants and their assistants have gone away. Hence arose the shameful and humiliating need, desire and necessity for the American occupants to reduce the number of their offensive, tyrannical forces. They openly and clearly announced it. They previously pulled back some of their forces and now they will pull back another part. They will keep the number which will keep their interests in Iraq with least possible losses. Let us not be deceived by deceivers and those who are misled by [believing] that the occupants will pull their forces back by the end of the year and a small number of them will stay or the trainers will stay or the like of such talk. The retreat and reducing the numbers would not be possible except by necessity and compulsion; it is not a complete defeat but to decrease the losses with preserving the interests and benefits.
2. To everyone who was deceived, still being deceived, being mocked at, and his mind being underestimated every time so they keep him busy with the crusts, crumbs, or the unimportant, secondary, subsidiary matters, and the last one was the trick and joke and lie of immunity for American forces!!!! This means that the representative, the talker, the philosophizer, the deceiver, or the deceived by the incomplete immunity issue for the American forces, [behaves] as if he has made a great, outstanding triumph with his claim; as if he is a sincere patriotic; no but as if he is the source and all the honest patriotic bravery.. But you, patriotic liberator and the necessary leader, have missed that what you are doing is a complete and absolute humiliation and offensive acceptance to keep the occupation forces, i.e. the occupation and the staying of its forces is not problematic and is not a problem, and you have no objection about it Your only and only and only problem, your central case and your long exhausting strife is just for the immunity; i.e. do they have one hundred percent immunity, less, or they do not have at all??!! And my question is not for you but for everyone who believes and is deceived by those who are like you. I say, as it is said "assuming the impossible is not impossible", then if the impossible happens; that it were declared not to give the immunity for the occupation forces which stay in Iraq will the forces of corruption, oppression and corruption be changed, transformed and become forces of liberation, justice, honor and ethics??? Oh Allah. What is the matter with you? How do you judge?
3- Back to the deceivers, the deceived, the misled and the underestimated by the matter of giving or not giving the immunity for the occupation trainers I say if we are to go with them and believe the possibility of achieving the non-immunity for the trainers (the occupants), there stays the question: would those be capable of making the terms, standards, preliminaries, and rules related to prosecute, sue and trial of the (the occupants) American trainers possible and probable to happen? Or it is just a fantasy and impossible to apply, as we have reminded, warned and pointed to the guile and deception of the jurisdiction in the previous Security Agreement? And the reality proved for all of you hundreds and thousands of violations and crimes in Iraq committed by the occupation forces after signing the Security Agreement and till now. So, who is the occupant soldier that was presented to the Iraqi Law, no but against whom of them a file and a charge was submitted and called for investigation??!! From this it is clear and obvious for any sane person and human that presenting the immunity case is a trick, trap, deception and duplicity to deceive the ignorant and to distract people and dismissing them from the core of the case and its danger. Pay attention, you the sane, the Iraqis, the humans!!! Reconsider, make sure, and be sure of what we have said more than two years ago about the Security Agreement, especially what is related to the jurisdiction...
He, Supreme is He, said:
{Then remind if reminder helps, he who fears will remember, and he who is the most wretched would avoid it} (Aalaa 9-12)

20/ Rabeeh Auwal/1430.Statement No.70:
Stance of Sound Mind and Sharia'a Regarding the Withdrawal Agreement
Article 12/ Jurisdiction
Iraq shall have the primary right to exercise jurisdiction over members of the United States Forces and of the civilian component for the grave premeditated felonies enumerated pursuant to paragraph 8, when such crimes are committed outside agreed facilities and areas and outside duty status. "
Now we can be confident [about the reason why] this issue was stirred and raised in media that did not stop from being subordinate and agent to this party or that. In spite of the discord and opposition of parties, but all went in the direction planned for by the occupation to take attention away from what is more dangerous, more terrifying, and more destructing In spite of what was said, mentioned, and recorded from discussion and dialoguerefusal and acceptance from the occupation party and others I say, in spite of this, the result is one: It is what it is.
What happened is only, and only, playing with words. So, it becomes revealed, known, and taken for sure, with minimum thinking and awareness that the result is one: No authority over the occupation authority.
Then let us allow ourselves to think a little bit and pay attention to that phrase mentioned in the Agreement. What we find? What are the conditions that must validate so that Iraq and Iraqis may exercise jurisdiction on the occupants? Is it possible, even the very weak possibility as one percent or one per thousand or one per million, that those conditions may be provided and validated?
The answer is clear and evident, not being concealed from any normal sane [man]: No, and a thousand No. There is no possibility for validating the conditions, so there is no meaning for mentioning and referring to jurisdiction in this item from this article, nor mentioning it in any of the Agreement articles, because it has no application at all in the matter-of-fact [situations]. I hope the keen reader has paid attention to the conditions and has recognized them. They go back to four conditions:
1- The felony should be grave ((and it did not say the meaning of "grave")).
2- The felony should be premeditated ((and it did not say the meaning of "premeditated")).
3- The felony should be outside agreed facilities and areas ((and this includes all "agreed-", even during the felony, no but even after it)).
4- The felony should be outside duty status.
Notice that every condition has a door and doors. for discussion, explanation, and interpretation.
Assuming the impossible is not impossible. So, let us suppose that the explanation, interpretation, application, and validation of the first three conditions have been agreed upon, i.e. let us suppose the validity of that the felony is grave, premeditated, and outside agreed facilities and areas.
But the fourth condition still cannot be imagined and supposed, even according to the impossible assumption in this status and argument, because it is negated by the non-existence of its subject; soldiers of the occupation, and all the occupation, did not pass those distances and go overseas for playing, entertainment, excursion, tourism, and recreation, no but they [themselves] say and believe (most of them believe) that they set out and are setting out in duty anyway, no but it is a sacred national, moral, and religious duty. Has anyone of you heard someday that one of those who were killed from occupation forces did not have his coffin wrapped by the occupation country flag, and was not considered a martyr of duty, nationality, and morals?
They are always in duty; at least because they claim they are defending their homeland, their nation, and their national security.
On this basis, crimes and ugliness as Abu Graib Prison crimes are committed and committed and there is no punishment; because they are in duty. Ugliness of profanation honors will repeat and be repeated with no one being held responsible; because they are in duty. And so on every ugly and corrupt [deed] the occupation commit and offend [with it] Iraq and the Iraqi nation. They will get no call to account for [this] and no punishment; because there is no Iraqi jurisdiction or legal authority on them; because they are in duty. Thus the fourth condition of the jurisdiction is nonexistent.
So, what talk about jurisdiction on American forces and the occupation?!!
20 Raii-Al-Awal 1430 H

4- To complement and reinforce the previous meaning, what some people say that what remains of the forces is for training and that this is a normal and natural matter that happens in her countries when they purchase weapons and devices from America or other countries I comment that my talk is not meant for whom this is issued but for whom believes and is deceived with it.. You, wise man, you real human being, search in east, west, north and south of earth. Find a country, or whatever party even if it was not a country, that has purchased weapons and military devices from America and see whether it happened with it what is happening in Iraq and with Iraq. Are there announcements, warnings, and caveats from members of American Councils or in the American Government that frighten the people of that country and menace them with threats if they rejected the staying of their forces (or their trainers, as some say)?... Did it happen with them that the official and non-official American delegations come and go to urge, warn, frighten, and threaten that country and its people and press on them to finish the transactions and agreements for the staying of the occupant forces (trainers)?
5- Going back to the avidity and the interests of the Americans regarding the issue of the staying of the forces (trainers), their repeated, warning, fiery statements and their many and repeated visits to Iraq for this issue:
If the matter is a matter of trainers, and it is limited and natural and usual, then why this hastiness and insistence and pressing for the completion of an agreement before the complete withdrawal?? Let all the occupation forces withdraw and let them prove, for only and only once, that they are honest in their claims, even if only for one day. Let all occupation forces withdraw from Iraqi Lands even for only and only one day and in that day let the deal be done for the devices, weapons, trainers and let them come the next day From the view of The most evil of the affliction is that which brings laughter I say: to lighten the load on you, in order not to tire you and ourselves, and in order not to disturb those who described you from the beginning as liberation, coalition, allied, or friendly forces.. for the sake of them, your friends, I say it is enough for us to prove your honesty to get out, all of you, out of Iraqi borders even if for couple of meters the Iraqi borders and stay there for one day and come back to Iraq and enter the borders the next day after completing the transactions and agreements for the devices, weapons and trainers.
6- Another query: does it happen in all the agreements of the Americans with other countries the same as what happens now in Iraq, i.e. that which we mentioned of the many visits, repeated American statements, increasing the pressing, warnings, and threats? In addition, with the transactions of weapons, devices, and trainers for those countries, does it coincide to be an increase and doubling of the operations of killing, crimes, frightening, terrorism, tribal and sectarianism congestion against the people of that country to press on them to accept the transactions and the trainers???!!!
From this point I say to our people in Karbala and Al-Anbar not to look to each others a tribal, fanaticism, ignorant look. Let all our looking and our heading to the source and spring and basis of ugliness, corruption, and terrorism represented by the occupation. Let us work for ending its real presence, under whatever name.
7- If the matter was normal and natural, happening in any country when purchasing devices and weapons that they bring trainers.. The question is: is not it supposed that the trainers come with the devices and weapons or after them, not before them??? Where are the purchased weapons and devices to say that these people are for training?? If those [weapons and devices] have been purchase previousy or they are the same worn-out, out-of-service weapons imposed on Iraq by the occupation forces when they have withdrawn some of their forces previously; then the question here is: why was not there an agreement previously with trainers and why there was no training during all this period? [This way,] this matter would be finished and Iraqi military forces would be prepared to deter much of the damage and dangers that Iraq and its people are subject to, so why this delay in equipping and training and to whose benefit??
8- Let us go back to the trick of trainers. Let us ask ourselves: the military forces in general consist of forces= land+ navy+ air Each of these forces has many categories or assortments. If we took into account the internal and other forces, as security and intelligence and similar forces, then the categories and assortments will be in a large number and these all need equipping, preparing, and training. If we added into account that the weapons and devices of the same military category have different types and each type has types or classes and products, in addition to divisions and sections known to experts, then the result is that we will have so many numbers, each needs some trainers; so what is the expected number of the trainers?.. The matter does not end here, no but we have increase and multiplication of the number, as ech of these needs health care, food, administration, services, and other things, so the number will multiply This big number will need military protection, then these numbers will multiply again.. These forces in whole will need intelligence force to source and collect news and information for studying, analyzing, and using it to protect those forces with trainers, preventing assault on them before its start, following the traces and the evidence of any assault to discover the executors and those behind them If we added the training places in which the training will be done, which is absolutely an Iraqi land, then they will need protection. As our forces are not complete in equipping, as supposed and as the reality imposed by the occupation, then the protection will be done by the occupation forces themselves; the number will be doubled more and more With noticing the assaults with missiles and artillery ****ls on those bases and training places, they will need to air force, radars, and other things to deter or prevent such attacks If we added the number that Iraq needs of Iraqi forces from military and police and other forces to protect itself from the assaults of the neighbouring countries, then the matter will be open for big bargaining, competing, struggling, and butting. Each party will enlarge and magnify the danger of the country which in struggle with the other country that finance, support, and control them. The same thing is said for the second and third parties; this way the result is that all the neighbouring countries are predatory monsters and aggressive, tyrannical forces that want to occupy and tear Iraq. So, we will need infinity of years to complete the training of these infinite Iraqi forces. So now who knows, you sages, you people, how many of occupant trainers we will need and when will the occupation (or the American training team) end and who will spend on them?!!! Moreover, can anyone of you imagine how many times will the number be multiplied when that occupant forces need security companies to provide security protection??!! From the trainers we went back to military occupation forces and to security forces and companies .. so, is there an end to this domination, oppression, ugliness, and corruption?!!!
9- To complete the previous [idea], the question is: if the matter was normal and natural and happens in all countries, then why it became of the bases, principles, provisions, and supplies of the blazing political struggles in Iraq till each political party started throwing the ball of keeping the forces in the basket of the others, no but the opportunism became clear and excessive in this matter and keeping the forces became a main and basic item in bargaining.. So, this opportunistic, profiteering political party is bargaining the other party and says Give me that position and I will agree for keeping the forces or I will vote with you for keeping the forces If it was normal, then why these mean, failing bargains at the expense of Iraq and its people, resources, heritage, present, future, security and safety? To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.
10- You, the ardent man; the free, lofty man:
After the occupation confessed, by its officials, that they made a mistake in occupying Iraq and that the occupation resulted in every corrupted, corruption, ugliness, trespassing; after we all have become certain that there are no promises and no covenants for any occupant and occupation; after we all have become certain that all what is said and claimed is lying, and it is not far from you the advice and guidance we offered regarding the trick of the Security Agreement. The days proved the truth of what we have said. Here are the politicians and officials themselves confess and admit that the aggressions, occupations, and violations of Iraqi lands, water, and air by the neighbouring countries, the big and the small countries. But the occupation forces did nothing. They are supposed to be obliged to prevent this according to that lame, futile Security Agreement. Why do we keep trying and trying and trying the same corrupted and corruption? Let us free ourselves from the fist of this clear and obvious ugly American occupation and let us devote ourselves and cooperate to end the rest of occupations and what resulted and is resulting from them of corruption and impairment.
11- To complete the ******* of the previous point, after it became clear the nonexistence of any benefit or interest in keeping the occupation in whatever form or name, no but from it all damage and corruption result.. then why do we make the safety and security of Iraq and Iraqis and their blood, souls, dignity, and humanity a hostage in the hands of occupation and its opponents from countries and terrorism forces, and Iraq will be a field of struggle and its people will be hostages and victims of kidnapping, killing, looting, disgracing, ruining, and terrorism. Too many Iraqis and non-Iraqis were deceived under the title of fighting occupation, so they devastated the land of Iraq under this title. In reality they were working and are working with the support, orders, and guidance of the interests of the intelligence and authorities of other countries that do not care about Iraq and the people of Iraq.. Then let us cut the rope of the devilish sedition that ruined people and land. Let us all gather and unite under the flag and ensign and aim of driving away the American occupation and ending it for ever. Let us cut the rope of deceit, cheat, corruption, seditions, and devil.. After that let us devote ourselves to end every occupation, corrupted, and corruption.
12- To those who want to take a lesson:
Le t him know for sure that all the political forces present in authority and what is related to it; and maybe there is exception .. I say, whatever they said, declared, and claimed .. they are in reality, and in all willfulness, willing, supporting, and aiding keeping the occupation, as they before approved the Security Agreement, and before it their approval of the occupation, its government, and its constitution .. The question here is: where is the secret in their struggle and conflict in everything except the matter of occupation and keeping occupation?? After it became clear that there is no imagined benefit at all in keeping occupation, no but all damage is in its keeping, then we have nothing here except one, and only one, possibility: keeping these forces is for a benefit and interest that is concerned with these parties, no more and no less. Their private interests, their financial, authority, and notability privileges that they always make deals about is kept with keeping the occupation and completely lost with the nonexistence of occupation Then why do we accept this big corruption and the big abomination and keep silent for it and in this way become responsible before Allah, Supreme is He, the Sublime, the Almighty?
13- From here let us all declare, openly and in the loudest of sounds and in every gathering and time, that we reject occupation, reject keeping occupation and its forces under whatever name, reject the corruption of occupation, as we reject every corrupted and corruption .. We have to tear up our dark shrouds and get out from our slumber and go back to our humanity and sanity after other nations have passed us, as they were inspired by the spirit of the real revolution from the Grandson of the Chosen Prophet, the Master of the people of Paradise, Imam Al-Hussein (Peace be upon Him) and raised the slogan of Karbala and its great Revolution in different accents, as if they are saying Far away from us is the subservience. Those dear, sibling Nations also passed us as they were inspired by the spirit of the enormous, sacrificing, peaceful, public revolution that was founded by our Master (sanctified is his Soul), so the bodies and minds were freed from the fist of the imperious, the arrogant, and the occupant and he raised the slogan of freedom, liberation, and rejecting the opportunists, the tyrannical, the occupation and the occupants On the same way have walked our sacrificing and working Masters and Scholars from all sects and nationalities throughout the Islamic Arabic history . Then let us join the rest of nations. Let us follow the example of the words and the way of our striving Scholars and their Leader, the Martyr Imam Al-Hussein (on Him and His Grandfather be the Prayer and Salutation)
Let history record for us and the generations witness that we at least denounced and rejected with the weakest of belief, with what we can and available .. let us say and repeat . No, no colonialism .. No, no arrogance.. No, no occupation .. No, no America .. No, no falsehood

Sarkhi Hassani
7 of a November 1432